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The Dolphin WAVE 200 XL cleaner is recommended for use in public pools, up to 33 meters in length. It has a cable of 35 meters and its suction capacity is 34 m³ / h its double active brush rotated 1.5 times faster than the robot. It has an intelligent navigation system with multiple scanning patterns and transport cart with control box and pick-up cable.

Safety and health in public swimming pools

The so-called recreational use of water in facilities such as swimming pools is one of the activities that can affect the health of people, which is why the regulations subject them to be controlled by public health authorities.

At the international level there is an enormous amount of regulation in the use of chemicals that can be of human consumption or affect the health of the people. In particular, for the use of water we can not fail to mention the Guide to drinking water quality, published by the World Health Organization, 2006, which, among other things, indicates that specific recommendations should be provided for public swimming pools .. .

Interesting article by Inmaculada Carrillo. Lawyer of law

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Adrián Velarde, new addition to PS-Water Systems

Adrian, 25 years old and born in Benidorm, graduated in Public Works Engineering, with a specialty in Hydraulics and Environment from the University of Valencia.

His training as an engineer and his specialization in Hydrology makes him particularly suitable for being part of the PS-Water Systems Projects department, where his mastery of computer programs such as AutoCad and ArcGis will be very useful for the many different designs of installation plans.

His incorporation will undoubtedly contribute to PS-Water Systems, offering excellent technical advice and service.


Pool Vision Awards: The 10 most impressive indoor pools

Last year Pool Vision, the world's most prestigious pool and spas design competition, welcomed new contestants with impressive projects. The objective of this contest is to encourage architects to show their talent. Pool Vision's selection criteria for pool projects are very strict, not only from the aesthetic point of view but also in terms of technical realization, Water treatment and accessories.

Pool Vision is a very successful event that offers a true global vision of the wealth of talent in the pool industry.

And among the 10 pools that have been awarded in Pool Vision 2016 for being considered most beautiful are two Spanish pools:


The municipal indoor pool of Zamora, by VIER Arquitectos, which won the 2nd Prize and the municipal indoor swimming pool of Constantina *, Seville, by Suarez Corchete Arquitectos, with the 3rd Prize. (* This pool was also awarded in Pool & Wellness Barcelona 2015 with the prize for the best public swimming pool)

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